New England Summer Treats

Summertime in New England is a time to celebrate; the weather has finally warmed up and the crisp, clear days are perfect for outdoor parties with friends and food. Seafood is always a popular choice at this maritime destination, and steamer clams are in season in summer, tasty little packets of flavor that are often served on their own or beside a freshly grilled ear of corn. Fresh fruit pies are also a popular New England summer treat, and you’ll have a hard time picking out your favorite from blueberry, strawberry-rhubarb and blackberry. If chocolate is more your style, the infamous New England whoopee pie delivers a strong sugar punch in the subtle guise of a sandwich.


And finally, New England’s most well-known summer treat is of course the lobster, a funky-looking crustacean that turns bright red when boiled or grilled. Served best in a traditional New England lobster bake on the beach, the sweet, tender meat also goes well with a little mayonnaise and celery in an authentic New England lobster roll. You can find an excellent example of this traditional sandwich at Clink Restaurant that contains smoked bacon, horseradish butter and parsley – no bib required.


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