Boston Hotel Charles Street Jail Dining — The Catwalk

Housed on the original catwalk that was once used as the historic Charles Street Jail, The Catwalk lounge offers an upscale dinner and drink experience exclusive to hotel guests. Overlooking the hotel’s stunning lobby, and encircling the gorgeous 90-foot rotunda, this upscale lounge and restaurant offers a chic and sophisticated ambiance, the perfect start to an unforgettable evening.

Sip on creative hand-crafted cocktails, a glass of sumptuous red, white or sparkling wine from our world-class selection, while rubbing elbows with friends and hotel guests. Our Charles Street Jail hotel lounge also features an impeccable dinner and tapas menu specially crafted by CLINK. that is guaranteed to tempt the palate. Indulge with a selection which includes savory Baked Oysters Casino with Butter, Mushroom Sliders and Ralph’s Potato Chips with Smoke Truffle Salt.


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